Your present position:Detailed Information
Your present position:Detailed Information
Name : Luxury dry & wet steam room series-FS-8828
Model: FS-8828
Size: 1800 x 1180 x 2150 mm
Function characteristics
GD7006 computer system
External CD receive
Back massage acupuncture
Top spray
Activities the flower is aspersed
Flower is aspersed lift stem
To the water
Regulation of cold
Function conversion
Temperature detection
Temperature display/regulation
Time display/regulation
Overheating protection
Water protections
Leakage protection
Suitable for dry evaporate part 1-2 people
Barrel used to hold water
MuShao used to ShiPo water to a sauna
The hourglass used to measure time
The thermometer used to display temperature and humidity
Explosion-proof lamp used for lighting
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