Richly at Shanghai exhibition, wei yu
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May 25,, 28, who took part in a richly wei yu "sanitary ware Oscar," said the 14 th China international exhibition kitchen bath facilities. Exhibit on the meeting, the product that defend bath, with unique design, exquisite exquisite original leading manufacturing process, fashionable style, having the high attention at home and abroad, many customers order the scene, and at the same time, numerous customers in the exhibition ended, we went to the richly, visiting, they defend bath headquarters of richly of wei yu, brand management, and new products design concept gave high evaluation.
Richly, has DuoNian to defend bath domestic and international and large exhibition of successful experience, constantly, whether the design of the exhibition hall, or the design of the product, and details such as publicity channels it careful to deploy. This year, an area of more than 180 square meters booth, decorate a style to especially pay attention to the collocation of space, especially emphasizes the theme of the new product style.
The Shanghai exhibition, will be richly, wei yu is pushed to a new platform.
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